Losing weight and new trends in fitness

Practical advice for aerobic training, and new trends in healthy weight loss with fitness. One of the most frequent questions we receive (but, believe me, this is also a recurring question in the mind of those who are not writing...) is what... [read]

The latest trends in Yoga

Yoga. There are many varieties, many 'shades', many different interpretations of this physical and spiritual practice. And, as it happens with all successful things, also Yoga has its own trends. New trends, new ideas, new ways to improve... [read]

Yoga myths: is yoga for women only?

Did you ever hear any (or maybe even all of them in the same conversation) of the following statements? "Yoga is for women only..." or "you have to be flexible to do yoga..." or even " Yoga is a low impact exercise". Well, if you did, you are... [read]

Abs and a slimmer waist line

A smaller (and more tonic) waist line is every woman's dream. And it is also a very difficult target for most people, especially after a certain age. It is difficult, we said, but absolutely not impossible. Actually, tonic abs and a slimmer waist line are... [read]

Burn more fat with HIIT & new ideas for fitness

Burning excess fat effectively has always been one of the main concerns for a lot of women (and men) and HIIT offers a solution. You have to work hard of course, but it works. If you are curious by now, then in this interview you will learn more about HIIT... [read]

A healthy lifestyle. Yoga practice and detox

A healthy lifestyle is something we should all be aiming at. Not only for a healthier body, but for a healthier mind as well. Yoga practice and healthy food, together with a detox program at least twice a year are... [read]

Abs and a slimmer waist line

When we talk about abs workout, we are not talking necessarily about a 'six pack'. Actually what we all try to achieve through diet and exercise is more often a slimmer waist line, we try to burn the excess fat, we want to tone the muscles, improve... [read]

Hot Yoga is here to stay, and it works!

Can you really say you know what Yoga is? Do you know what the main benefits of Yoga are? And - be honest - have you ever thought "I will never be able to go to a Yoga class, because I am not good enough"? Well, this is what most people thin... [read]

Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and weight loss are always a hot item, especially when we decide to finally get back into that shape we have neglected for too long, but we do not know exactly how to start. How can exercise help losing weight and burning those... [read]

Exercise and weight loss

Weight loss is the "Holy Grail" of most of the people who regularly attend a gym. It is a difficult goal to achieve, indeed, and this is why there is so much interest - always - about this subject. How can we control our weight, in a healthy way... [read]

The latest trends in fitness

There is always something new in the world of fitness, always a new way to make our workouts more efficient, more fun. Did you ever hear about HIIT, for example? HIIT is one of the hottest new trends for cardio conditioning and weight loss... [read]

Toning and firming up your body

How can I trim my waist line, tone up my body, get a firmer shape, and all this without increasing the size of my muscles?". This is indeed a very important question, and not an easy one. But it is possible to do that, with the right professional advice... [read]

Making our workouts fun, and productive!

Variety is the soul of life, and it is without any doubt also the sould of any successful workout. Our body needs variety, we should always surprise it with new and different exercises, techniques, workouts. And our mind needs a share of this too... [read]

Functional training and better workouts

We talk about functional training, a training technique you have probably heard of, but maybe you do not know much about. Functional training can help improve body coordination, reflex, core strength, agility, range of motion and balance... [read]

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