Yoga. There are many varieties, many ‘shades’, many different interpretations of this physical and spiritual …

yoga600Yoga. There are many varieties, many ‘shades’, many different interpretations of this physical and spiritual practice. And, as it happens with all successful things, also Yoga has its own trends. New trends, new ideas, new ways to improve body and soul through this ancient practice.

Yes, but what exactly is new in the world of Yoga? By now you are probably curious too, as we were when we asked the same question to a TRUE YOGA SINGAPORE Spokesperson. This is what is going on in the world of Yoga. Read on.

Yoga is not a static practice, as every activity it has trends. What is new in the world of Yoga, which are the most popular and newest Yoga classes one can find at True Yoga Singapore?

While more bizarre and extreme trends such as Doga (Yoga for Dogs), Paddleboard Yogaand Suspension Yoga have caught on, at True Yoga, we see more people come forward to practice Pre-natal Yoga and Kids Yoga classes. Another trend that has caught on is Yoga Personal Training, which True Yoga also provides. This allows the member to enjoy the undivided attention of our yoga master, who will focus on meeting the specific goals of each member and working on their postures.

Regarding popular classes at True Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Therapyand Yogalates are very popular with our members. Hatha Yoga is popular due to the fact that it is the most basic form of Yoga which other Yoga forms are derived from. Hence, members use it as a platform to advance to other more challenging Yoga forms such as Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Hot Yoga is popular because the heat helps to prevent injuries and it provides an invigorating workout, assisting in weight loss. On the same note, Yogalates works the core muscles as well and helps one to achieve a slimmer silhouette. Gentle Yoga and Yoga Therapy provide gentle stretching and act as a good starting foundation for beginners.

One of the trends we’ve seen in the past was Sun Salutations, which is a series of yoga postures that gets your heart pumping and takes your body through a full range of motion.

Yin Hour is the latest addition to our stable of yoga classes. This class is an introduction to Yin Yoga, which is a quiet yet profound style of yoga based on the expression of theories derived from Chinese Medicine and Taoism. Accessible to practitioners of any tradition and any experience level to come and understand the benefit of having a quiet practice – how to still the body to regain a therapeutic effect on the mind. This practice strengthens chi flow and maintains the health of the meridian system of the body and can also improve your range of movement of your joints to battle against body degeneration.

Another recent class offering is Ashtanga Basic in Mandarin at our Ocean Financial Centre outlet, as we have seen an increase in the number of Mandarin-speaking members there.Ashtanga Yoga is a unique system of yoga which develops good foundation through using props and verbal adjustment.

The True Group which runs the True Yoga centres also operates another centre under the brand name Bikram Original Hot Yoga. The Bikram Original Hot Yoga centre has also seen an increase in the number of people practicing this form of yoga. Bikram Original Hot Yoga is a system of yoga which thoroughly and systematically stimulates the entire physical body, inside and out.

Practiced in a studio heated to a minimum 41 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes, the system oxygenates the blood via the respiratory system and promotes increased circulation throughout the body, creating an irrigation effect to cleanse and nourish the body’s internal organs, returning them to their optimal condition. Muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched, toned and strengthened in the correct order to create a full body workout, bringing the body back to balance, just as nature intended.

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true-yogaWe thank TRUE YOGA SINGAPORE for this interview.