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Aerobic exercise and weight loss

Exercise and weight loss are always a hot item, especially when we decide to finally …


Exercise and weight loss are always a hot item, especially when we decide to finally get back into that shape we have neglected for too long, but we do not know exactly how to start. How can exercise help losing weight and burning those extra pounds of fat? And, most important, what type of physical activity is the best when it comes to weight loss?

We asked these, and more, questions to a real expert, Su-Yee Liew – Group Exercise Manager at True Fitness Malaysia. In this interview Su-Yee will help us understand how aerobic exercise works, and how often (and how long) we should train during the week. We will also talk about group exercises classes, very important to keep our body, and our mind, always under the right type of positive stress. Enough said, we let Su-Yee answer our questions.

When we talk about losing weight through aerobic exercise what kind of commitment should we be thinking of? In terms of days per week, and duration of each training session?

The most popular misconception is that getting into shape is an extremely difficult and time-consuming thing to do.

Studies have shown that even if one exercises 20 minutes every day, they will see noticeable improvements to the body’s fitness level over time. However, to really ensure improved results, one need only commit 30 minutes a day, four or five times a week to their exercise program.

Attending three to four different group exercise classes a week will be a good start for anyone at any level of fitness.

Among the many options any major fitness club can offer, what type of aerobic activity would you suggest to someone who is determined to lose weight in a healthy but also effective way?

True Fitness offers over 500 Group Exercises classes each week. These 45 different types of classes range from equipment based classes such as Les MillsTM BODYPUMPTM, which will challenge all of your major muscle groups through the use of a preferred bar bell weight throughout the choreographed exercises, to martial arts inspired classes such as Les MillsTM BODYCOMBATTM, an empowering cardio workout, to dance and indoor cycling classes.One important tip is to determine the sort of workout activities that you enjoy, as that will be the exercise routine that you are more likely to be excited about doing, and will therefore do them consistently

Another tip to effective lose weight: Always incorporate cardio training and weight lifting or resistance equipment. Cardio or aerobic training is key to any weight loss program and is the best way to burn calories, reduce fat, and increase your metabolism. A faster metabolism helps break down the food you consume and prevents the extra calories from being stored as fat. Weight and resistance training build muscle, which will help you to burn even more calories and hence lose weight.

Alternatively, True Fitness also offers Personal Training Packages, where our qualified instructors will customize training programs using the wide variety of cardiovascular and resistance machines and free weights equipment available in True Fitness centres, to help you achieve your desired weight loss. The advantage of engaging a Personal Trainer will also be the additional attention and proper guidance received so as to prevent any injuries from incorrect exercises, exercise postures and usage of fitness equipment.

To reap maximum benefits, your fitness program should also be coupled with a healthy lifestyle regime. This includes adopting healthy eating habits, and reducing, if not eliminating, unhealthy habits like smoking and over indulgence in alcoholic beverages.

Thank you.

Alessio Cristianini for TRENDYSTYLE HONG KONG

We thank True Fitness Malaysia for this interview with Su-Yee Liew, Group Exercise Manager, True Fitness Malaysia.