weight-loss-600One of the most frequent questions we receive (but, believe me, this is also a recurring question in the mind of those who are not writing…) is what is the best, most efficient way to lose excess weight? The answer is (apparently) simple: a balanced and healthy diet, and physical activity. Diet… well, we all know more or less what we should, and should not eat. But when it comes to physical activity, that is where we start having some problems. What type of physical activity? And how?

In order to give you more answers, reliable – and based on scientific data – and not on “I heard that…”, we asked TRUE FITNESS SINGAPORE to answer this question and give us some professional advice. And this is what their spokesperson told us.

What type of aerobic activity is the most efficient in order to reduce the body fat percentage, and lose weight?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), an enhanced form of interval training is the most efficient form of exercise.

These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism and improved fat burning.

A HIIT session often consists of a warm up period of exercise, followed by 3 – 10 repetitions of high intensity exercise, separated by medium intensity exercise for recovery, and ending with a period of cool down exercise.

The entire HIIT session may last between 4 to 30 mins. It increases the resting metabolic rate for the following 24 hours due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, and may improve maximal oxygen consumption more effectively than only doing traditional, long aerobic workouts. HIIT also significantly lowers insulin resistance and causes skeletal muscle adaptations that result in enhanced skeletal muscle fat oxidation and improved glucose tolerance.

At True Fitness, examples of work-outs which incorporate the HIIT component includeAshtanga Yoga, Circuit Training, Extreme / Zone Ride, as well as Cardio Shape classes.

How to improve our aerobic workout experience, how to make our aerobic training more attractive, efficient, productive?

To improve your aerobic workout experience and to make it more attractive, efficient and productive, choose an exercise program you enjoy. At True Fitness, members can choose from over 45 different types of classes such as Yoga, Hot Yoga, Dance, Group X and Spinning classes.

In addition, finding a workout buddy or a group of fellow fitness fans is good for your mind and body. One will also be more re-energized when you work out in a group compared to working out alone. You will also be more motivated to exercise to improve / achieve your current fitness levels / goals as you will be spurred on by your fellow mates.

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Alessio Cristianini for TRENDYSTYLE HONG KONG

true-logo150x65We thank TRUE FITNESS SINGAPORE for this interview.


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