“Rise of functional freestyle training, the benefits of freestyle and functional training, how the use of fun equipment can increase the motivation to exercise”

We talk with Jacky Wong, National Fitness Manager Fitness First in Hong Kong about functional training, a training technique you have probably heard of, but maybe you do not know much about. Functional training can help improve body coordination, reflex, core strength, agility, range of motion and balance to avoid injuries. It is also fun to workout! We also talked about motivation, how it can affect our results at the gym, and how to improve it. Let’s read what Jacky told us.

We hear a lot about ‘functional training’, ‘freestyle training’. How do these types of training differ from the traditional way of working out?

Traditional way of workout, or conventional training, work on the same plane of motion (Sagittal Plane, Frontal Plane & Transverse Plane) while our body is designed to move along all 3 planes.

And what are the main benefits of functional training?

Physically it improves our coordination, reflex, reaction, core strength, agility, range of motion and balance to avoid injuries. It is also fun to work on so more likely to keep a healthy exercise habit.

Motivation. Very difficult to keep it, very easy to lose it. ‘Fun equipment’ seems to be the answer for many women who want to regularly workout, but sometimes lack a little bit of motivation…

Motivation is the reason for working out, working towards a dream. Work outs are never easy, often exhausting and sweaty. Most people tend to keep themselves comfortable and this is why they tend to give up easily. We can either strengthen the reason for working out, making dreams visible, or introducing interesting and new equipments that are fun to use.

Equipments that are fun to use tend to draw a bit more attention from those giving up easily.

We have some fitness equipments that are new to the general public and are fun to train with when given the right environment.

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Alessio Cristianini for TRENDYSTYLE HONG KONG

We thank Jacky Wong National Fitness Manager, Fitness First Hong Kong

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