A smaller (and more tonic) waist line is every woman’s dream. And it is also a very difficult target for most people, especially after a certain age. It is difficult, we said, but absolutely not impossible. Actually, tonic abs and a slimmer waist line are relatively easy to get, once you have started following the right dietary regimen and training regularly, with the right techniques and exercises. We asked TRUE FITNESS SINGAPORE to help us and share with us their advice and tips to reduce, trim and tone the waist area. This is what they told us.

How often and how intensely should we workout our abs, and what are the best exercises?

The recommended frequency and intensity of working out our abs should be based on 3 non-consecutive work-outs a week. Some of the best exercises include, ball crunch, crunch & reach, modified plank, knee tucks, woodchops, hip extensions on the ball, ball taps and etc.

The above exercises incorporate dynamic moves that involve multiple muscles and help work the abs. This will help you burn more calories during your work-out & in turn reduce body fat. Exercises that target your balance tend to be more effective as it challenge the coreand the surrounding muscles to give you a more toned ab.

However, nutrition and diet play an important part and make up 85% of your total results. Watch your food in-take and avoid deep-fried and oily food. Opt for healthier choices like fruits and vegetables. Lastly, steer clear of big portion of food intake and engage in light exercises to increase your metabolic rate instead of sitting at your desk straight after meals.

Core training is not only very popular, but also a very effective way to work out our abs. Can you introduce us to this new way of training the abs area?

Core training is most effective when they engage many muscles throughout the torso that cross several joints and work together to co-ordinate stability. The “core” actually consists of many different muscles that stabilise the spine and pelvis, and run the entire length of the torso. When these muscles contract, they stabilise the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle and create a solid base of support. When this happens, we are then able to generate powerful movements.

The benefits of having good core strength include reduced back pain, improved athletic performance and improved postural imbalances.

Some of the simple core exercises are :

  • Push-Ups
  • Hip Lift
  • Lunge with a Twist
  • V-Sits
  • Side Plank Exercises
  • Plank Exercises
  • Oblique Twists amongst many others.

At True Fitness, one of our class offerings which will improve your core is our CX WORKX. It is a short, explosive 30 minute work-out to strengthen and tone your body. Honing in on your torso and sling muscles that connects your upper body to your lower body, it is ideal for toning your tummy and butt, while improving your functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.

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Alessio Cristianini for TRENDYSTYLE HONG KONG

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