Trashy, dirty modern and cool hair looks for Byblos Summer 2017

Nick Irwin, Hair Stylist, told us the secrets of the hair looks he created for the Byblos Summer 2017 Show at the Milan Fashion Week.

“A different vibe, really important to stay true to the line of Byblos, keep the women looking Italian, look a little bit younger, cooler, look seventies sporty but modern.”

In order to achieve this look… “blow the girls hair out, make it a little bit more like a blow dry to begin with, but then we are trashing the hair a little bit, like almost if they had a blow dry a couple of days ago and then they sort of pinned it back, went to the gym, a little bit oily, dirty, very very cool.”

Final advice: “we used a mousse for the texture, a hair spray, and then on the lineup in order to achieve a little bit dirty sweaty look, another pray used very close to the head, to get a little bit an oily look.”

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