Tom Pecheux. A natural makeup for N21

Tom Pecheux is always the star of every backstage where he is in charge of the makeup of the models. And so it was at the N21 Fall Winter 2017 201 Show at the Milan Fashion Week. WE asked Tom to explain what he did for this show, and in the video you will be able to learn more.

“The makeup for this show is natural, but for a lot of people natural means “we don’t do anything”. Instead here we are doing everything. So we are creating a very glowy skin, with a little highlight, contour, a gentle soft bronze finish on the cheeks.”

“The lips are going to be nude, eyebrows will have a little bit of definition, we curled the lashes with some mascara, and we created a thin burgundy eyeliner. On top and over the burgundy eyeliner, we are doing a tan kind of mustard metallic other eyeliner, to create a real luxury to the natural makeup.”

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