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Makeup Tips for Asian Women. Make-up products for Asian skin, trends and tools. Foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks, gloss, BB creams, false eyelashes and more. Interviews with professional makeup artists, makeup products and styles.

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015
Thick eyebrows, berry lips and little rock punk smokey eyes

Looking for the latest makeup trends for the Fall Winter 2014/2015 season? Well, then prepare to be overwhelmed by an avalanche of information! We asked Lili Choi... [READ]

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015
Makeup trends Fall Winter 2014/2015: silver eyeliner, fake eye lashes and flawless skin

We saw a variety of make-up styles during the latest Fashion Week. However the trends for the season will be on the eyes, without any doubt. Glow and flawless skin is a perfect base for everything... [READ]

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015
Makeup trends Fall Winter 2014/2015

I think the newest make up trend we will see during this Fall Winter 2014/2015 will be the eyes make up with smoke dark blue, gold to dark brown and grey to black and with the bottom eyelashes, with nude orange matte lips"... [READ]

Make-up trends Fall Winter 2014 2015. Colored eye shadows versus monochrome make-up looks

We asked Hisano Komine to guide us through the latest makeup trends for the Fall Winter 2014 2015 season. Born in Tokyo, influenced by her mother... [READ]

Make-up trends Fall Winter 2014 2015. Let's go for artistic make-up looks with Yumi Lee!

For the latest trends in makeup we talked to Yumi Lee, professional makeup artist based in New York. Yumi has collaborated with top photographers such as... [READ]

Moody Blooms - Enjoy the summer with M.A.C

Venomous violets, intoxicating ivy and poisonous nightshade glow with a phosphorescent gleam - shrouding eyes in earthy metallic Eye Shadows, intensified by blackened green and plum... [READ]

Summer 2014 make-over. Discover the newest hair and make-up trends

I love make-overs! Today I am in the hands of two excellent professionals: Yoko Hisatomi-Lane, hair stylist and owner of Sozo Hair Design, and Patrick Havegheer, make-up artist and owner of Beauty Advice... [READ]

Make-up lesson with Patrick Havegheer, Beauty Advice, Hong Kong

In this make-up lesson Patrick Havegheer will show us how to create a summer make-up look with just a handful of make-up products. He will use some beautiful... [READ]

Summer 2014 make-up trends with Ryuko Lau, M.A.C Hong Kong

We will talk about the main trends for Summer 2014, and we will ask her about the products and techniques required to be up to date with the latest makeup trends. And as long as one of the main makeup trends is a perfect skin, Ryuko... [READ]

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss for Burberry

Cara and Kate for Burberry. Be the first to see it! Burberry has released a behind-the-scene image of a forthcoming new fragrance campaign featuring Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne... [READ]

MAC Colour Correct

Discover M·A·C Prep+Prime CC Colour Correct, an innovative new line of colour correcting creams that enhance and perfect your skin tone. Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 is a creamy, tinted primer that evens skin tone in a multi-tasking formula... [READ]

Create the ultimate eye look with M·A·C Eye Shadow

Create the ultimate eye look with MAC Eye Shadow. Discover the six new Mineralize Eye Shadow x 4, pre-filled palettes with four shades each, or transform your eyes with Eye Shadow x 15, pre-filled with 15 shades each.. [READ]

Trendystyle tried: CC Cream Chanel

Did you try Chanel's CC Cream? We did and we really love it! The product's full name is 'Complete Correcting' Cream and we must admit it is, indeed, rather complete. The cream has a very light cover and blends in as second skin, correcting redness and slightly darker spots... [READ]

OPI Spotlight on Glitter

Glitter takes center stage with the launch of Spotlight on Glitter, a new collection of OPI's best and brightest sparkling lacquers. The line showcases OPI's most popular metallic and holographic lacquers... [READ]

Bright orange lips for Spring Summer 2014
One of the most noticeable (and fun!) makeup trends for 204 is without any doubt the neon orange lipstick. Many important fashion designers opted for this bright orange lipstick for their Spring Summer 2014... [READ]

Asian beauty secrets: a flawless skin

We often ask our beauty experts and makeup artists to give us their very personal advice, their beauty secrets. Asian women know how to take care of their skin, how to protect it from the nasty sun radiation, how to make... [READ]
Korean makeup trends and skin care advice

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty. In this interview Alice will help us discover the latest Korean (and Asian) makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014. We will also talk about makeup techniques, such as those required to correctly apply the eyeliner... [READ]

Colored makeup, bright skin, natural eyebrows

Interview with Arianna Campa, Makeup Artist - Milano. "The makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014 are without any doubt based on colour. A touch of color on the lips, or on the eyelids, will help create a very feminine look... [READ]

Summer 2014 nail trends with Flawless Spa in Hong Kong

This week we want to talk more about nail art and nail color trends for Summer 2014 and we are going to do it with Flawless Spa, one of the best-known Spas in Hong Kong... [READ]

Nail trends, nail art Summer 2014

We continue our journey through the latest trends in nail art and nail polish colors for Summer 2014. In this interview Winnie tells us more on the latest nail trends, and she explains why nail art is going to make a strong comeback in the Summer... [READ]

Nail trends 2014: neon color tie dye, tropical paint design, gingham check

We talk about nail art, nail trends and... fashion influences with Britney TOKYO, nail artist. Square shape long extension nails and natural rounded nails. These two totally opposite types are both very popular... [READ]

Nail trends 2014: ombre nails, matte nail colors

Interview with Ariana Pierce, owner of Superstar Nail Lacquer. We talk about the latest nail trends, nail colors, new and original ideas for Summer 2014... [READ]

Make-up trend summer 2014: go for that natural-looking summer blush

The backstage secrets for a flawless complexion with a natural glow. Read on and experiment with the latest makeup techniques. Go for that radiant and healthy, though sophisticated skin... [READ]

Two make-up mistakes!!! :-)

The only big mistake that comes to my mind is to go too heavy on skin make up. Let the skin breathe! Women always feel like they have a bad skin quality, and most of the time - to be honest - they feel like... [READ]

Tackle blackheads with shu uemura newest cleansing oil

shu uemura POREfinist anti-shine fresh cleansing oil removes water-proof makeup and greasiness in one step. It is a blackhead-away greasiness-free cleansing oil... [READ]

Blue eye makeup, glowing skin trend

Pastel Blue or Electric Blue eyes (eye shadow, eyeliner, all over the lid, moon shape... as you like it!) and glowing skin are the two main makeup trends we talk about with Anne Sophie Costa, London based makeup artist... [READ]

Makeup trends 2014: back to basic, nude makeup and natural colors

Interview with Yumi Lee, Makeup Artist - New York. "This season, I can say that makeup will go back to basic. I see nude and natural colors instead of spring pastel tones, or multi-colors... [READ]

Thick eyebrows, bright orange lips and healthy glow tan skin

Interview with Lili Choi, Korean Makeup Artist based in Paris, France. "If we talk about brand new trends, then the trendiest color for the lips will be Orange/Burgundy (Berry lips). Thick eyebrows will become even more natural, no tweezers! And then and healthy glow... [READ]

Spring Summer 2014 makeup trends

Interview with Winnie Neuman, Taipei, Taiwan, Makeup Artist. "The makeup trends that will continue into spring summer 2014 season are the matte bright lip color with the flawless natural skin, and the black eyeliner with brown and shimmer gold eye shadow."... [READ]

Colored eyeshadows and strong lips for 2014!

"I think makeup will be more playful than before, it will be nice to wear colored eye shadows like blue, green or purple or clean eyes with strong lips! Matte orange is very fresh to me, red is always classic..." If the latest makeup trends are what you were looking for when you opened this page, if you are interested in skin care... [READ]

Orange lips, flawless skin, and you are ready for Summer 2014!

"Raw Beauty and blush free'' is the key look of the Spring Summer 2014 make-up. It is based on flawless skin appearance. For your cheeks, use a blusher or bronzer to create a natural shape on your face, not to put some pop color on. After base make-up... [READ]

Focus on lips, but most of all: natural skin

Makeup 2014 and skin care advice from Korea, interview with Tae-Yoon Park. More makeup trends and beauty advice from Korea here on TRENDYSTYLE ASIA. In this interview we talk to Tae Yoon Park, makeup artist, about the new makeup trends he... [READ]

The latest makeup trends 2014 from Korea

Exclusive interview with Ji-Ahn Sung, international hair & makeup artist. The main focus of this interview will be on the main makeup trends from Korea, and on skin care advice. 2014 is the year of flawless skin and invisible makeup... [READ]

Make-up trends 2014: bleached eyebrows and chemical lips

Interview with Nami Yoshida, Makeup Artist. "I can see that strong eyebrows are still the trend of this season. In particular, the eyebrows seen at the Celine show are very individual and outstanding. On the other hand, the bleached eyebrows seen... [READ]

A perfect skin and thick wild eyebrows

Asian make-up trends 2014, Interview with Mia Yang, Makeup Artist. "Please keep in mind, a flawless foundation needs a flawless canvas. Always start with a good moisturizer with a gentle massage, apply foundation with clean fingers to blend minimal foundation... [READ]

Asian make-up trends 2014

Interview with Hisano Komine, Makeup Artist. "Overall we will see that the make-up style is going to be simpler and healthier all over the world. Foundation is going to become lighter, reflecting a more individual beauty. For the spring and summer... [READ]

Make-up trends spring summer 2014. Glowing skin and sultry red lips

Interview with Director of Makeup Artistry M.A.C. Terry Barber. "I expect a return of lashes with a little '60s style for top and bottom. The look is ultra-feminine. It all just feels very feminine and beautiful again without being cheesy though. Women are still cool... [READ]

Asian makeup trends for Summer 2014

Let's keep talking about makeup trends, with - of course - a special focus on the Asian beauty. Are you curious about the new makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014? We interviewed Stella Leung, makeup artist... [READ]

Make-up trend: light weight foundations and 'nude' skin make-up

You can do your eye make-up perfectly, and go for sexy lips, but if you don't know how to create a flawless complexion, you will never achieve that 'woow-effect'. A perfect skin is a must for this (and every) season... [READ]

These make-up colors are hot!

In this interview Tom Sapin, senior make-up artist MAC, reveals us the ins and outs about the make-up colors of the moment. A complete update and make-up lesson at the same time. Don't miss Tom Sapin's precious make-up tips! [READ]

Red lipstick is hot!

Plum red, cherry red, tomato red, classic dark red. Red lipstick is hot and the colors for fall winter 2013 2014 are strong, intense and infinitely elegant. Pick a new dark red shade from this season's make-up... [READ]


Senior make-artist MAC Tom Sapin gives us an inside look at the makeup looks and trends from international fashion shows for winter 2013 2014. With his... [READ]


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