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Make a Wish Charity Group Show

JPS Gallery joins hands with How2Work and BELOWGROUND to present Make a Wish Charity Group Show. This exhibition is a philanthropic initiative…

KOHEI OGAWA 帰り道 On The Way Back Home, 2019 Acrylic, watercolor and color pencil on paper 21 by 29.7 cm
KOHEI OGAWA 帰り道 On The Way Back Home, 2019 Acrylic, watercolor and color pencil on paper 21 by 29.7 cm

JPS Gallery joins hands with How2Work and BELOWGROUND to present Make a Wish Charity Group Show. This exhibition is a philanthropic initiative, and all proceeds from sales will be donated directly to Make-A-Wish Hong Kong for children in need.

The exhibition presents a series of paintings from twelve artists including Afa Annfa, b.wing, Elaine Chiu, Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009, Kasing Lung, Kila Cheung, Kohei Ogawa, Muu Nanahoshi, Okokume, Okrabelo, Teddy Leung and Yeung Hok Tak. Works donated by the artists will be up for charity sales.

Make-A-Wish Hong Kong is a charity organization aiming to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses aged between 3 and 17 in Hong Kong and Macau, to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1998, they have been bringing transformative impact to over 2,000 children and their families by fulfilling their wishes and acting as a significant supplementary component to their medical treatment.

As a frequent partner with Make-A-Wish Hong Kong, JPS takes pride in our charitable support in response to local causes. We wish to continue to use art as a medium to support and give back to the local and global community.

Participating Artists

Afa Annfa (Hong Kong), is one of the emerging stars in the local art scene. Her works probe the complexities of human emotions and our connection with one another, capturing tensions between the human psyche and worldly materials.

b.wing (Hong Kong), painter and illustrator, b.wing is best known for her signature character A-boy who she created on a piece of toilet paper in 2006. The forever seven-year-old boy has a pair of rabbit ears and dark circles underneath his eyes. As her artistic agent, A-boy reflects b.wing’s thoughts and emotions, sharing both of their stories to the world.

Elaine Chiu (Hong Kong), depicts the urban lives and environments in Hong Kong through watercolor cityscapes. With the fluidic and transparent qualities of the medium, she captures the transience of the light and shadow in Hong Kong’s unique street views.

Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009 (Hong Kong), engages in the dialogue between reality and fantasy in a distinct international style, exploring philosophy and psychology topics while making frequent reference to specific environments and locations.

Kasing Lung (Hong Kong), is a celebrated illustrator who gave life to countless characters under his pen and brush. His artistic oeuvre is strongly influenced by Nordic folklores and myths, creating a magical realm where his signature character Labubu and his companions roam freely

Kila Cheung (Hong Kong), is one of the emerging stars of the local art scene. His unique artistic oeuvre manifested his value for childishness, curiosity, and the courage to think outside of the box and dream big.

Kohei Ogawa (Japan), is known for his handmade needle felt doll Green Cow Garden (2013) series, he is a versatile artist who brings his endearing characters and their world to his paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Muu Nanahoshi (Japan), creates a picturesque fantasy world that blurs the boundaries of reality on her canvases. With a vibrant color palette, and her signature dreamy motifs of Strawberry Goldfish, Daifukumochis, the moon and ocean, as well as the interesting three-dimensional technique, Muu’s works brought a unique angle in the exploration of being, dreams and reality.

Okokume (Spain), also known as Laura Mas Hernandez, is best known for her iconic character Cosmic Girl. The pink-haired spirit with turquoise skin is the universe’s messenger who emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment. She travels in space and tends to planets in need and restores them to their former glory.

Okrabelo (Spain), uses the contrasting elements of fine art and street art to translate the threedimensional reality of everyday life into his boldly colored dynamic works. The artist rebelliously questions the inherent beauty standard in the art history canon.

Teddy Leung (Hong Kong), a mixed-media artist enthused in the language of photography and character art. He also operates as a professional photographer in Hong Kong’s art scene. His passion lies in photography and creating art pieces that are experimental and surreal. Always seeking inspiration from his surroundings with his long exposure shots.

Yeung Hok Tak (Hong Kong), paints his canvases with masculine sensitivity in a distinctly local flavor, exploring the Hong Kong identity and recalling collective memories.

Make a Wish Charity Group Show
29 October – 10 November 2021
Opening reception: 28 October, 3 pm – 7 pm

Basement, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.