A golden glitter makeup for Luisa Beccaria, with Cynthia Rivas MAC Makeup Artist

“We took inspiration from the gowns and we did the complete opposite. So we used metallics on the eyes, to help contrast the textures and the fabrics. We used neutral tones, so we basically enhanced the beautify of the girls and added a little bit of a bold accent.

For the skin we used a product called Waterweight Foundation it looks like skin, it looks like you just walked out of getting a facial, so it is just a really fresh finish, again it’s enhancing for the beauty that is already there, not to cover it up.

The glitter… we used a gold accent, so we kept it neutral again, but we wanted it to stand out, because they are not wearing jewelry, so we wanted it to be the main ornament”.

In cooperation with ADVERSUS


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