Stella McCartney’s Spring Summer 2015 Collection is classy, sexy and fresh at the same time. Possible? Yes, of course, when the designer is Stella.

Sailor trousers and wide culottes in shades of white, crème and vanilla. Washed cotton twill and linens provide texture and a feeling of age and character. Slightly over scaled buckles create toughness. Heavily stitched hemlines and gathered waists reflect work wear. Naïve markings are applied to add further depth onto the fabric.

Knitwear is bold and sensual, made of organic yarn in butter with polished hardware details; knotted and twisted, exposing skin in movement. A shiny and matte knit of different rib proportions is chopped and sculptured in asymmetrical silhouettes in powder, ciel and butter shades, accessorized with oversized non-PVC necklace chains.

Evening captures the energy and exuberance of summer. An eclectic mix of patterns and prints in delicate organza are sewn into a jigsaw of suspended hand-embroideries, creating windows through the body.

Shoes feature soft knots and fluid lines, contrasted with a graphic mirror finish. A new mid heel wedge in sustainable Alter Nappa is naturally confident and sexy. Knotted flats and soft lacing. Bags echo the collection, in cotton scuba and Alter Nappa. A cylinder clutch in ciel and patchworked embroidered clutches in butter and navy.