Cool mascara, focus on eyes and lips with Miranda Joyce for MSGM

The models were very beautiful, and mysterious, at the MSGM Fall Winter 2017 2018 Show at the Milan Fashion Week. Key Makeup Artist was Miranda Joyce. WE asked Miranda to explain the makeup look for this show.

“A beauty with a little twist. A kind of interesting woman who might be in a David Lynch movie, so she might have something to hide. She is a little bit sinister. To get that look we did eyelashes, we did bottom lashes, individuals, and we put on mascara… lots of mascara!”

“And then the lips are kind of dirty red, with a little bit of brown in it. We put on a little bit too much over the line, soft, and then we put more color.”

“A little bit dark, a little bit sexy, a little bit sinister. Kind of slightly, she is an interesting woman.”

“For the skin we just used concealer, I do not like foundation very much. So I like to see the girls’ skin so we took the palest part of her, and we just cooled the face down to this color, so very cool, natural and clean with a little bit of light powder.”

“Everyone can use mascara, there is so much out there, you can get waterproof, you can get with fibers, with color it is a really nice tool, it is a good way to go.”

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