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How to make the Italian Basil Pesto Sauce

The Italian pesto sauce must be prepared with a marble mortar and pestle. Let's forget about the food processor. It is great to work with fresh herbs and to actually touch... [READ]

Crepes with red radicchio and ricotta cheese (a light version)

Comfort food in a light version. No cream, no fat milk, no butter in the béchamel sauce.... This is one of the my favorite dishes to cook for my friends when I have some spare time... [READ]

The original Italian recipe for Tiramisu

Today I want to share my original Italian Tiramisu (or Tiramisù as it is written in Italy, where it means more or less: "pull me up" because of its nutritional qualities. Someone regards it as a great aphrodisiac. Is it true? You try it... [READ]

Japanese deep fried chicken (Tatsuta-age)

Tatsuta-age is a Japanese way of cooking. The ingredients are marinated, coated with katakuriko, a kind of corn starch, and then deep-fried. These home-made chicken... [READ]

Panna cotta recipe

Everybody knows panna cotta. But did you know that this delicious Italian dessert is incredibly easy to make? You cannot go wrong. Just follow our instructions... [READ]

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