SHISEIDO Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream


SHISEIDO Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream
SHISEIDO Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream HK$1,750 / 50ml

Dark spots begin to appear on a woman’s skin when she’s in her 20s. Then the find lines start to make their appearance. In addition to these visible changes, the skin gradually begins sagging, almost unnoticeably at first, but in time, sagging becomes one of an Asian woman’s most serious age-related skin concerns. Sagging starts surreptitiously, around the eyes and cheeks.

Now, through the latest research findings, SHISEIDO presents the new VITAL-PERFECTION Sculpting Lift Cream, formulated with pine extract and rubus leaf extract to help regulate undesirable fat cells as well as cinnamon extract to optimize the skin’s natural purifying function and reclaim the youthful V contours.

Sagging results when lymph vessels lose its natural purification function

Lymph vessels, which run throughout the human body just like blood vessels, perform a purification function. They collect liquid that escapes from blood vessels, as well as waste and water that the body no longer needs. As we age, this function deteriorates, and as the lymph vessels get older and being subjected to UV rays, fatty acids can escape from them too, causing fat cells to become enlarged.

Firm, taut skin

Fat cell size is optimal. Cells are firmly supported by the dermis and facial expression muscles.

When lymph vessels age, fat cells become enlarged, and in addition, waste and water tend to build up in the skin.

Sagging skin

The dermis and facial expression muscles are unable to support the build-up of fat cells, waste and water, causing the jawline to loosen and sag.

Lymph vessels purification function

 Researches point that pine extract and rubus leaf extract are found to be effective to help regulate undesirable fat cells. SHISEIDO incorporated these extract with cinnamon extract to optimize the purification function and decrease the leakage of fat cells in order to prevent sagging thus sculpting the V-contour back again.


The revolutionary ingredient complex to obstruct pathways to the root cause of various signs of skin aging.

The revolutionary ingredient complex immerses the epidermis in a unique blend of vital plant extracts, as well as the highly effective whitening ingredient 4MSK, which obstructs the pathways to various skin concerns by address the common root cause: Aged proteins.

SHISEIDO Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream     

Anti-aging. Whitening. The height of Asian skin science

 Reclaim youthful V contours.

Revive bright, translucent skin.

With VITAL-PERFECTION Sculpting Lift Cream, SHISEIDO is now pushing the science of anti-aging even further with a revolutionary blend of pine and cinnamon extracts as well as the rubus leaf extract from its predecessor that reactivates skin’s natural purifying abilities, release fats, waste and water, and minimize the number of fat cells.

SHISEIDO Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream HK$1,750 / 50ml

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