Masculine, androgynous morning after party hair looks at N21 with Anthony Turner

Anthony Turner, hair stylist, explains the hair looks for the n21 Fall Winter Show at the Milan Fashion Weeek.

“The hair is very rock n roll, it feels a little androgynous, we are taking inspiration from almost skater boys… it’s a hair that feels very unclean and a little bit the day after the night before. Almost as if she has been out all night, she has had a really great time, this is 7am on a Sunday morning when she is walking home. There is a touch of androgyny in it, we wanted the girls to feel kind of a little bit like a skater boy, we are tucking it behind the ears, making it feel quite androgynous, some of the girls have a center parting, some have got side parting. Each one feels a little masculine”.

About the products used for this hair look “L’Oreal Professional PLI, a very mat product, there is no shine in the hair at all. And then the Techniart Morning after dust, it is like a dry shampoo, and it makes the hair nice and fluffy and makes the hair feel a little dirtier”.

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