The make-up look at Dsquared2 SS 2016: sexy, healthy and glowing

The make-up look at the Dsquared2 SS 2016 is sexy, healthy and glowing. We interviewed top make-up artist Lucia Pieroni and she explained us how to copy this gorgeous and sultry look that suits every woman. View the video and photos. This is what Lucia Pieroni told us:

The eyebrows are quite natural. We are actually painting on lip gloss at the end so that the eyebrows have this kind of a wet look glow to them. They [the models] got Mid-Tone Sepia Cream Color Base softly blended around the eyes which gives you that really beautiful depth. This [Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals] on the lighter girls [Medium Deep] – there is another one for the darker girls [Dark Deep] – goes on the temples, down on the nose, a bit under the nose and all over the body so it makes a beautiful wet look. And this Blonde’s Gold Pigment goes in the inner corner of the eyes.

MAC Freckletone Lipstick on the lips, just press it on. Then Bronze Shimmer Lipstick on top and a little bit of a clear lip gloss so it is like a honey colored mouth, a slightly see-through mouth. And furthermore loads of Mineralize Skin Finish Bronze all over the face, so that the girls look really beautiful, healthy, glowy, as if they have been surfing all day. They look fabulous.

And lots of mascara. A little bit clumpy, like they are a little bit wet. Lots in the root so they have that beautiful pointiness to them. And we are spraying Fix Plus on the hands, the arms and the face, just as they go on the catwalk, so they are a little bit of dewy.

When you put Bronze Shimmer on the body, you put it on top of a moisturizer to stay or just on the bare skin? We put Mineralize Body Moisturizer before. When it is slightly dry, you put the other stuff [Bronze Shimmer] on it so it looks really gorgeous, and golden, bronzy and wet. and then Fix Plus, literally on their hands, arms and face… Some gloss in the eyebrows, so it looks a little bit wet, beautiful and sexy surficals.

Is the mascara is waterproof? No, that is hell :-) In real life maybe yes, but not for the show, that is mean… It never comes off.

Product list:

  • Eyebrows: Clear Lipglass brushed through the brows for a slightly wet look
  • For the eyes: Mid-Tone Sepia Cream Color Base and Blonde’s Gold Pigment
  • For the lips: MAC Freckletone Lipstick, Bronze Shimmer Lipstick (on top of the Freckletone) and Clear Lipglass lip gloss
  • For the face and body: Mineralize Body Moisturizer (for the body), Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals (face and body)
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto

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