How to look Younger without Surgery and Injections. The Face Yoga Method – Interview with Fumiko Takatsu

How to look Younger without Surgery and Injections. The Face Yoga Method - Interview with Fumiko Takatsu
How to look Younger without Surgery and Injections. The Face Yoga Method – Interview with Fumiko Takatsu

If you are among those who spend money and time with anti-wrinkle creams and anti-ageing treatments, keep on doing it, it is very important to take care of your skin. But if you are hoping to fight gravity only with good nourishing creams, well, sooner or later you will be tempted by filler injections or by the cosmetic surgery.

If you think about it, however, there could be another method to treat sagging jawline or under eye bags; think about when you work out at the gym to tonify your biceps or abdominals and you succeed, because discipline and perseverance, with no doubt, bring results … and what if you spent some of your time training the muscles of your face? Have you ever thought that under the skin of your neck, chin and all the face you take so much care of, there are many muscles that, if toned properly, are more fit and consequently change your facial expression? Fumiko Takatsu since 2006 has been practicing, and teaching, the Face Yoga method, which is the daily training of facial muscles. Fumiko is Japanese, but she has been living in California for a few years, she has written several books and she has a very interesting site where to stay up-to-date and encouraged in practice.

We asked her to explain us how to have a young and tonic face:

How much time a person should dedicate every day to face yoga to get the best results?
Face Yoga results depends more on practice consistency than the length of practice. If a person is diligent and practices every day for 2 weeks, they would already start feeling the changes. Face Yoga exercises, I would say that a minimum practice of 10 minutes per day is key.

To achieve the most noticeable results, I highly recommend practicing for 10 minutes twice per day: first thing in the morning to wake up the facial muscles and before going to bed to reset the facial muscles used during the day.
In your opinion, why people dedicate so much time training their body muscles and they don’t pay attention to face muscles?

We don’t grow up learning that there are also muscles in our face that we can train, just like the muscles in our body. We simply assume that we must rely on expensive beauty creams or surgical procedures to treat a sagging jawline or under eye bags. My aim is to make people more aware of the innate power that they have within them to naturally tone, tighten and brighten their skin and face.

How did you start and find out this kind of training was the ‘solution’ for ageing in good shape and without external help (injection and surgery)?
The creation of the Face Yoga Method started from a personal need. When I was 37, I was in a terrible car accident that left my face out of alignment. During this time, I also started seeing the ‘signs of aging’ such as wrinkles, saggy cheeks and increasingly undefined facial lines. So, I did what most women would do and sought out solutions from external sources like expensive creams and anti-aging skincare devices, which only worked temporarily. I knew I never wanted to try invasive treatments such as injections or surgery, but I needed to find a more permanent and empowering solution. So, I decided to tackle a subject that had so little said about it in the past – facial exercises.

After that realization, I tried all the facial movements I thought helpful to tone my facial muscles using my own face. Soon enough, my close friends started noticing the differences in me. Many told me I looked “different”, I knew I was onto something and the rest is history.

Do you think face yoga has a future? Are people understanding the importance of this kind of practice?
Face Yoga has come into the mainstream, aligning with increasing demand for more natural, organic and empowering solutions and it’s here to stay! After teaching for several years and even bringing my work online, I knew that I had to find a way to reach more people in a tangible way. That is how me and my team created the extensive 4-month Face Yoga Method Teacher Training Certification in 2016.

Today, there are more than 100 certified Face Yoga Method teachers all around the world (in more than 35 countries) and over 11,000 Face Yoga Method members who are practicing poses. Most of them have reported that not only they have seen the physical changes, but also inner shifts with boosted confidence, self-acceptance and a feeling of community. This is a huge movement that I did not expect when I started the Face Yoga Method practice back in 2005 in Japan. Training facial muscles has been becoming the norm for people who are conscious about both mental and physical health.

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