Hair trends for men: how to achieve that surfer hair look with magic dust

“We are creating like a natural texture, so the boys feel unfinished but we are actually doing quite a lot of layering and preparation to achieve a very natural finish” told us Tina Outen, Hair Stylist at the n21 Men’s Fashion Show Summer 2018 in Milan.

“It is a little bit of a modernized beach vibes, so I am using different Toni&Guy products. A Smoothing Cream, and then a Spray Texturizing Cream, and then I am just finishing with this amazing dust which is giving me this weird airy dustiness, is giving me this feeling of the surf, that dustiness, saltiness, the feeling of the sea without actually using a salt spray, it allows me to move the hair, create a texture”.

“And we are using this to then get the detailing, the hair is going to have one panel with the feeling of the brush, and then we have a feeling of a swoosh, and we are securing that in place using the dust on a brush. It is a strong texture, it has been easy for me brushing them up because all the boys are coming to me with the same feeling, and I can style and brush them very easily”.

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