Copy the make-up look. Focus on the lips. Beautiful and sexy

Backstage at the Missoni FW2016 Show in Milano we followed very closely Diane Kendal’s work on the models. And exclusive reportage, and interview with Diane Kendal on the makeup looks she created for this show. Check out the video and/or read the interview below.

What we are doing is very sexy, a little bit rock’n’roll girl. So what we do is: we keep the skin very fresh. We even out the skin tone and we are brushing the eye brows, but not filling in, but we do not defining. We just brush them upwards.

Then we are using a brown cream base in the socket of the eyes. We are curling the lashes and we are doing a brown pencil [Coffee Pencil M.A.C] just on the outer corner, standing out, just to open the eye a little bit. We are curling the lashes, just putting a light coating on the top of the lashes. Then we are using taupe as the contour and we are using a cream blush, a taupy warm color, it warms, it gives that radiant lovely sculpt to the face.

Missoni FW 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Missoni FW 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman

And then on the lips. We are lining them with an Oak Pencil M.A.C, and then filling it in with a lighter colored lip pencil, a big trunky one, and then we are putting a big coat of lip gloss on top. So it is a really super shiny sexy mouth! Because there is so much knitwear in the Missoni collection, it is nice to get a different texture, to get something that is a little bit more wet looking. Because the texture of the clothes is quite matte, so it is nice to off-set that.

So for the lips I used a colorful taupe. It hasn’t got a too much heavy pigment lay down so actually you can be quite generous without being too heavy. Just because it is so glossy I wanted their lips to be seen by defining them with an oak color to give a definition, and then it is a lighter color on the inside and then a gloss on top. Just to it gives a nice definition and makes the lips look really big.


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