Louis Vuitton “SERIES 4”


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“Series 4”, the spring-summer 2016 collection advertising campaign  continues the visual dialogue  between several artists of imagery,  started with “series 1”

Once again,   the  images comprise  a triptych in  which  each  section echoes  and completes  the  other, weaving a narrative about a heroine whose multiple  facets  Nicolas Ghesquière wished  to  explore. The authors of this latest chapter are Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber and Square Enix, the Japanese video game and manga creator. Each one expresses a point of view about the muses of a new era.

The Heroine by Juergen Teller

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Against the pure, blue sky of Miami, Florida, Juergen Teller captures silhouettes that seem to levitate. Singular figures catch the light like a force that renders them even more charismatic. Among these is Doona Bae, Louis Vuitton’s new heroine.

“I discovered the Korean actress Doona  Bae in the sci-fi action film “The Host”. I was struck by her character and   mysterious  beauty.   All  of  her  movie  choices  are   quite  particular: she  flits  between an  archery champion and an accomplished boxer (in the sci-fi TV  series “Sense8”), or even an inflatable doll (in “Air Doll”). I am fascinated  by  her gift for transformation, and  I had  her image  very much in mind as I was creating this collection.  She radiates  strength and an artistic sensibility that corresponds  to the values of the Maison.” – Nicolas Ghesquière

“I    feel   great   whenever I    wear   Nicolas’ collections. We’ve   become  friends over   the   years. He has this uncanny  ability  to draw  inspiration  from the past, interpret the present and  invent the future. I am deeply touched by his work and his flair for detail. I also love the way  he interprets women. He creates for independent,  strong and  daring  women  who,  thanks to him, can  express both delicate beauty and fatal charm,” explains Doona Bae.

Lightning: A Virtual Heroine

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Her  name is Lightning*, and  she flashes through fabulous worlds in search of her sister who  is being  held captive. She connects with her strength and courage  as she progresses through every rite of passage.

Lightning pushes   the   idea of  the   heroine even further.   It was   only logical    that   the Maison   Louis Vuitton explores the infinite possibilities  of the virtual world  and asks this fantasy  character  to interpret the essence of a heroine.

Today Lightning, the heroic figure in “Final Fantasy”, the cult series of video games that have inspired more than 100 million players around the world, agreed to become a character in the Louis Vuitton galaxy.  The Maison has always  pushed  the boundaries  of reality, and dreams.  Real, virtual, incarnate, metaphorical: Lightning is the  fruit of Square Enix studios’  imagination, and  she raises the question of immanence – that which takes place solely in the mind – in tomorrow’s world.

“It’s   clear  that  the  virtual  aesthetic  of video  games    is  predominant  in   this   collection.  If   we  push the reflection about  heroines, or  what  might constitute the nature of  a woman whose actions can  be  so courageous that she becomes superior and iconic, it becomes obvious that a virtual entity integrates with the founding principles of the Maison. Lightning is the perfect  avatar for a global, heroic woman and for a world where  social networks and communications are now seamlessly woven  into our life. She is also the symbol of  new  pictorial  processes. How can you create  an  image  that goes  beyond  the classic principles  of photography and design? Lightning heralds a new era of expression.” – Nicolas Ghesquière

“My clothes were  nothing more than armor to stay alive;  “dressing up”  was a concept I’ve never  had. Perhaps  that  makes  me  an  unseemly  choice  as ambassador.  But this experience  has opened   my eyes. Fashion isn’t something   you’re taught or  given; it comes from your  own  taste and  your  own  choices.  It displays the essence of who you are to those around you. It makes me feel excited, a feeling similar to when I venture to unknown lands. Louis Vuitton is a new adventure―a new fantasy―that I will enjoy from the bottom of my heart.” – Lightning

The Heroine by Bruce Weber

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The heroine  shot by Bruce Weber,  known for his images that capture youth’s vitality, is truly multi-facetted. In Tampa,  a timeless  town  on the  west  coast  of Florida, a group  of girls  takes  to  the  street  with  the haughty insouciance of an idealistic age when the world holds nothing but the promise of conquest.

Among them are Jaden Smith, the young hero of a new generation that worships stylistic freedom.

“Only Bruce Weber can  capture  the  energy  of  a group   and  orchestrate  it  in  vibrant  harmony. Why does Jaden Smith star in this campaign?  He  represents a generation that has assimilated the codes of true freedom, one that is free of manifestos and  questions about gender. Wearing  a skirt comes  as naturally  to him  as  it  would   to a woman  who, long ago, granted herself  permission  to  wear  a  man’s  trench  or a tuxedo. Jaden Smith conveys something very interesting about the integration of a global wardrobe. He’s found an instinctive balance  that makes his extraordinary  attitude a new norm. That really inspired me in the creative process for this collection.” – Nicolas Ghesquière