HOGAN 2015 Christmas Special Edition

HOGAN H222 Christmas Flash 2015_resize

A new take on HOGAN’s informal elegance for the coming Xmas fetes with the brand’s 2015 Christmas special collection.

The iconic HOGAN’s sneakers Interactive and H222 come in a lively platinum leather, enriched by a twinkling “H” layered of gold and silver sequins.

A mid-size clutch pairs with the same signature bright-touch. Double zipped pockets and practical front band for an easy hand grip.

These exclusive styles perfectly represent HOGAN’s unique vision of casual luxury for every occasion. A philosophy where quality and style are always cherished.

The 2015 christmas special edition will be available at all HOGAN boutiques worldwide and on hogan.com, starting mid november.

HOGAN Clutch bag Christmas Flash 2015_resize