CHANEL Spring-Summer 2016 Eyewear Collection



Tweed is at the heart of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2016 eyewear collection with three unique stories where tweed is joined by gold, denim and enamel.

Vintage Tweed

There’s a delicious hint of vintage with this line. Light and ethereal, the fine contours of the sunglasses frames take on octagonal, oval and round forms. Emphasising the retro effect, the optical frames adopt squared curves, oval and cat eye shapes. Infused with light, the acetate is adorned with a tweed weave in shades of yellow, brown, violet, grey, green and even blue. Applied all over the oval and octagonal sunglasses, the tweed sheathes the very ends of the fine temples of a round frame in steel grey, silvery or golden metal that envelops the astonishing lenses in 18-karat gold. This ultra-elegant accessory subtly leaves them guessing the direction of the gaze: a stylish twist that doubles up with an optimal protection for the eyes, the precious metal being one of the best filters of solar rays.


Denim Tweed

Some items are always part of our wardrobe: a white shirt, a tweed jacket and a pair of jeans. CHANEL has rendered these essentials both timeless and elegant. This season the House associates tweed with denim on glasses so supple and light that when worn they feel like a second skin. Thanks to a specific procedure, the black, blue, brown or green quilted denim is fused with a few grams of rubber on the flexible temples. Equally beautiful on both sides, comfortable and soft, they adjust perfectly to every different face. The pantos and square frames are adorned with acetate that’s been worked in the same way as woven tweed.


Lacquered Tweed

Tweed melts into the temples of the optical eyewear and sunglasses and takes on the appearance of the enamel buttons used for the legendary House jackets. The creation of the pattern in the panels on the temples requires very specific know-how: moulded first in wax, the drawing is then coloured by hand and a thin layer of resin is applied to make it shine and bring out the perspective of the pattern. This elegance is further reinforced with the ultimate detail: a double C is inserted in the temples so subtly it leaves us guessing. The palette of colours used for these frames ranges from brown to dark green, navy blue, burgundy and of course black. The large sunglasses – XL square, fine square and butterfly – elegantly frame the face. The optical versions with their rectangular and oval frames are understated and refined.


Discover the Spring-Summer 2016 eyewear collection in the CHANEL boutiques from December 2015.