Jessica Nedza, a beautiful makeup look for Ermanno Scervino

We met and interviewed Jessica Nedza, a very well known name in the world of fashion. Jessica Nedza and her MAC makeup team were in charge of the makeup looks for the Ermanno Scervino Fall Winter 2016/17 Show in Milano. Watch the video interview, discover the secrets of this amazing and sexy makeup look!

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Benjamin Puckey and the makeup at Costume National

Benjamin Puckey created the makeup looks for MAC at the Costume National Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan. We talked to Benjamin just a few minutes before the beginning of the show, here what he told us. Benjamin Puckey and the makeup looks at Costume National FW2016/17

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Mark Carrasquillo and the Etro FW2016/17 makeup looks

Backstage at the Etro Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion Show in Milan we talked to Mark Carrasquillo, internationally famous Makeup Artist. Mark Carrasquillo – together with the MAC team – was in charge of the make up looks for this show. This is what he told us.

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Bright pink is the must-color!

Bright pink is the must-color for spring summer 2016. Make-up artist Lottie tells us more about it. Watch the video and/or read the interview with Lottie and try it out yourself!

Today we did a graphic pink eye, two times. So we have a lighter pink underneath the eyes and a sort of fuchsia pink on the top. The clothes are very beautiful. Beautiful and relaxed. So we wanted something that was going to be a little vibrant and a new balance with the neutral palette which is in the show.

What did you use for the skin?

Our sponsor today is Orlane Paris which is an amazing skin line. We used their Orlane moisturizer [Orlane Super-Moisturizing Light Cream]. So that is why they all are very glowy. And the foundation is also Orlane Paris [Teint Absolu Treatment Foundation]. It is really nice because it still looks like skin. Everyone looks perfect. They have a nice glow.

On the cheeks?

On the cheeks we used Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is actually a contour color. And we used Warm Coral.

It this look going to be a trend for next summer?

I hope so. Everybody likes to use color in the summer.

Cividini SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Cividini SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Cividini SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Cividini SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Cividini SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto

It is all about looking healthy

We caught up with key make-up artist Lottie backstage at the Angelo Marani SS 2016 fashion show. Lottie told us about the trends for spring summer 2016. The focus is on the skin. It is all about looking really healthy. Watch the video or read the interview to discover the newest make-up trends.

So today again we are sponsored by Orlane Paris which is amazing high-end skincare. The look is very fresh. The girls look super young, super hip, a little bit rock, not too much. Very little make-up. It is more about the skin today. Making them just super awake and fresh. Again I use the word ‘fresh’.

We are using Orlane moisturizer [Orlane Super-Moisturizing Light Cream], eye cream and foundation [Teint Absolu Treatment Foundation], which I told you about the other day. The foundation is like magic. Looks like skin, looks like nothing. And then we are using the bronzer [Orlane Pressed Powder]. Super natural. We are using that really soft, around the whole face, because it is spring summer. So the have a little bit of glow. That is it. A little tiny brown eyeliner on the inside, just a little. It looks like they have something on but not too much.

We are at the end of the Milan Fashion Week SS 2016. Do you see some general trends?

I would say the strongest trend for SS 2016 is minimal make-up. We did have a lot of shows that had pink. Even one of my shows had bright pink eye. And I saw couple of others. So there is a few with popsicle colors. I think pink is the strongest trend. But the rest is very clean and natural. I think it is all about looking really healthy.

Angelo Marani SS 2016, make-up: Lottie, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Angelo Marani SS 2016, make-up: Lottie, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Angelo Marani SS 2016, make-up: Lottie, ph. Charlotte Mesman

Make-up trend SS 2016: a fresh complexion and a touch of color

Make-up artist Lloyd Simmons tells us about the make-up look at the Anteprima Spring Summer 2016 fashion show. Watch the video interview or read the interview below.

What we wanted here was to have fun but still be very fresh. So it all about this beautiful, gorgeous, gleaming complexion, super healthy and then why not have fun and put some color, an abstract color, somewhere on the face, wherever you want, just to liven up your face. So that is basically what I did. Add a little bit of drama, without being too serious, just having fun.

Are we going to use a lot of color next summer?

I think so. I think the trend for people is basically to pick whatever they like. So people who like color, should do color, and people who like red lips, they should do red lips. It is more like mixing and matching and choosing, just what you feel like.

The skin is beautiful. What did you use?

We tried to use as little foundation as possible, but sometimes we use the tiniest little bit. And we like to highlight with a sort of a shimmer just along the bridge of the nose, above the mouth and around the side of the face. Just to give a little highlight. Keep everything minimal and fresh. That looks modern.

Thank you, Lloyd.

Anteprima SS 2016, make-up: Lloyd Simmons, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Anteprima SS 2016, make-up: Lloyd Simmons, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Anteprima SS 2016, make-up: Lloyd Simmons, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Anteprima SS 2016, make-up: Lloyd Simmons, ph. Mauro Pilotto

The key to modern beauty? Don’t use too much foundation

Terry Barber, Director of Make-up Artistry of M.A.C, reveals the make-up secret to modern beauty. Trendystyle interviewed the make-up guru backstage at the Ter et Bantine FW 2015 2016 Fashion Show in Milan. Watch the video interview! (or/and read on)

The look, Terry Barber explained, is very extremely natural beauty, almost quite raw, actually quite make-up free, but still quite luxurious. It is literally a very transparent skin, cool in color but soft, with an almost skintone brown stain on the eye and a tiny little gloss on the inner corners. So it has got that element of futurism to it, but it is very natural. This woman is strong, she understands luxury and realizes that she doesn’t have to push her beauty too much. It should always be very effortless, just enough, it is a very sort of chic minimalism.

Make-up at Ter et Bantine FW 2015 2016, photo: courtesy of Ter et Bantine

How to create a transparent skin?

I am actually using a new M.A.C product called Time Check Lotion, which is like a primer that slightly blurs the skin. It softens the whole tone of the skin so you don’t have to use too much base. I think that is the key to modern beauty: not to use too much base…

The make-up look at Dsquared2 SS 2016: sexy, healthy and glowing

The make-up look at the Dsquared2 SS 2016 is sexy, healthy and glowing. We interviewed top make-up artist Lucia Pieroni and she explained us how to copy this gorgeous and sultry look that suits every woman. View the video and photos. This is what Lucia Pieroni told us:

The eyebrows are quite natural. We are actually painting on lip gloss at the end so that the eyebrows have this kind of a wet look glow to them. They [the models] got Mid-Tone Sepia Cream Color Base softly blended around the eyes which gives you that really beautiful depth. This [Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals] on the lighter girls [Medium Deep] – there is another one for the darker girls [Dark Deep] – goes on the temples, down on the nose, a bit under the nose and all over the body so it makes a beautiful wet look. And this Blonde’s Gold Pigment goes in the inner corner of the eyes.

MAC Freckletone Lipstick on the lips, just press it on. Then Bronze Shimmer Lipstick on top and a little bit of a clear lip gloss so it is like a honey colored mouth, a slightly see-through mouth. And furthermore loads of Mineralize Skin Finish Bronze all over the face, so that the girls look really beautiful, healthy, glowy, as if they have been surfing all day. They look fabulous.

And lots of mascara. A little bit clumpy, like they are a little bit wet. Lots in the root so they have that beautiful pointiness to them. And we are spraying Fix Plus on the hands, the arms and the face, just as they go on the catwalk, so they are a little bit of dewy.

When you put Bronze Shimmer on the body, you put it on top of a moisturizer to stay or just on the bare skin? We put Mineralize Body Moisturizer before. When it is slightly dry, you put the other stuff [Bronze Shimmer] on it so it looks really gorgeous, and golden, bronzy and wet. and then Fix Plus, literally on their hands, arms and face… Some gloss in the eyebrows, so it looks a little bit wet, beautiful and sexy surficals.

Is the mascara is waterproof? No, that is hell 🙂 In real life maybe yes, but not for the show, that is mean… It never comes off.

Product list:

  • Eyebrows: Clear Lipglass brushed through the brows for a slightly wet look
  • For the eyes: Mid-Tone Sepia Cream Color Base and Blonde’s Gold Pigment
  • For the lips: MAC Freckletone Lipstick, Bronze Shimmer Lipstick (on top of the Freckletone) and Clear Lipglass lip gloss
  • For the face and body: Mineralize Body Moisturizer (for the body), Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals (face and body)
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Glowing skin at Dsquared2 SS 2016, ph. Mauro Pilotto

Diane Kendal and the makeup look at the Salvatore Ferragamo SS2016 Show

Backstage at the Salvatore Ferragamo SS 2016 Show we met and interviewed Diane Kendal. Diane was the key makeup artist and was heading the M.A.C team backstage at the Show. Listen, learn and read how to copy this strong and feminine makeup look.

This season for Ferragamo we are making the girls a very fresh base with two colors, grease paints [M.A.C Trend Forecast Spring ’16/Eye in the colors ‘On My Watchlist’ and ‘Back in the Swing’] mixed on the contour of the eye, brushed up to the eyebrow. And then we are putting Tenderling Blush right over the lid and up to the browbone too, giving a very strong, defined look to the eye. But it is all very blended so there is no hard lines, with curling lashes.

Tenderling Blush we are just putting on the apple of the cheek to get that really gorgeous fresh overall look and on the lips just some lip balm and a little bit of foundation to take down the color. So the girls look rea lly strong but feminine at the same time.

How to copy the look. Step by step:

Make-up Salvatore Ferragamo SS 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal, ph. Charlotte Mesman
  • Massage Face and Body Foundation M.A.C in the skin to perfect the skin.
  • Press Mineralize Concealer in any area that needs more coverage. This make-up look is all about beautiful skin.
  • Add some Tenderling Blush on the cheek for a fresh look.
  • Groom your eyebrows. Fill the brows in with a grey color but not too much. Brush them up.
  • For the eyes use M.A.C Trend Forecast Spring ’16/Eye. Apply ‘On My Watchlist’ (cool grey silver with silver pearl) on the crease and blend in to the brows hair. Apply ‘Back in the Swing’ (orange peach with gold pearl) on top of it. Powder it with Tenderling Blush.
  • Curl the lashes.
  • Soften the lips with lip conditioner.
M.A.C Trend Forecast Spring ’16/Eye, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up Salvatore Ferragamo SS 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up Salvatore Ferragamo SS 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up Salvatore Ferragamo SS 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up Salvatore Ferragamo SS 2016, make-up: Diane Kendal, ph. Charlotte Mesman