Add a graphic touch to your make-up with a dramatic sweep of eyeliner

Trendystyle interviewed top make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds backstage at the Genny FW 2016 2017 Fashion Show in Milan. Check out the video and copy the look. It is great!

What kind of make-up look did you create for the Genny FW 2016 2017 Fashion Show?

We wanted to keep it very simple, but still have drama. So we created a beautiful clean skin with highlights and shimmery touches but still very clean and fresh and natural, and then we added a strong, graphic sweep of eyeliner, straight out, with quite a big shape so that there is impact without being too much.

How to create a beautiful skin?

We use as minimal foundation as possible. We use a tiny little bit of foundation wherever the girls need it and then I am using this new kind of glow, a liquid glow that is not coming out until next year so I can’t tell you what it is 🙂

And what about the eyebrows?

We just respected the eyebrows of each girl. We just groomed the eyebrows and made them perfect. I mean, this model has lovely big eyebrows so of course we kept them. Each girl is different.

Make-up eyeliner
Backstage at the Genny FW 2016 2017 Fashion Show, make-up: Lloyd Simmonds


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