2015 Pre-Fall Collection Peekaboo Introduces New Material and Structure



Ever since the debut of Peekaboo in 2009, FENDI has been reinterpreting the signature bag with various sizes, palettes and materials. Peekaboo, prides itself on straightforward design and luxurious materials, establishes its superior position in the house and in the fashion scene as well.

Peekaboo has been winning the hearts of ladies since its birth. Its popularity drives FENDI further to incorporate different sizes and materials to its unmistakable design, thereby leading the fashion trend season after season. From the large Peekaboo studded with eyes of Bag Bugs, the compact, chic Mini Peekaboo to the increasingly coveted Micro Peekaboo, the handbag is a must have item for every contemporary women.

For the 2015 Pre-Autumn Collection, FENDI introduces brand new structure and material to the large and regular Peekaboo in more delicate Vitello Seta leather, whose matt surface echoes with the understated luxury Peekaboo represents. However delicate it is, the leather is nevertheless more durable and resistant to scratch. The new structure gives a boost to the original draping detail of Peekaboo, while the bag itself becomes more lighter-weighted.

Stitches and coated leather trims outline the defined shape of the front, whereas at the center, the metal strip takes on a splash of unexpected colours. Among them are the tortoise and marble variations that further highlight the renowned color blocking design of the house.

The functional, superior material of the shell is complemented by the refined color-contrasting interior to bring out a playful juxtaposition that epitomizes subtle luxury as well as the meticulous mind of FENDI in material and details.

Peekaboo is FENDI’s extraordinary interpretation of heritage that stands the test of time and trends.

Large Peekaboo

8BN21048MF0TMN_HKD53,000 8BN2103ZLF0GGC_HKD36,700

Regular Peekaboo


Mini Peekaboo